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About Aroma

Aroma Chinese Cork is a Chinese takeaway restaurant in Cork which is gaining popularity since its inception due to our hard work. Since the beginning of this takeaway outlet we have worked hard to win the heart of people living in and around this city along with people commuting to and from this city very frequently. We used our experience and expertise in selecting high quality ingredients for our dishes as well as authentic ways to prepare them. The name and fame we are enjoying today is the outcome of the hard work we have done since long in this field. We have recently launched apps so that you can place your order even if you are not at your home or in your office. You can use your mobile devices like laptop, tablets or Smartphone to download our apps from Apple store or Google Store for this purpose. So, what are you waiting for? Just pick up your mobile devices and download our apps to place your next order as soon as possible.

Aroma Restaurant

Today it is very easy to find Aroma Chinese Cork, a Chinese takeaway in Cork, because we are situated at 4-5 Emmett P, Cork which is considered as one of the prime locations in this city. You can also reach us easily by using any of the transportation facilities available in this city. You can also use online maps to reach us, if you are new to this city. So, just get up to reach us to take your takeaway order at an earliest.

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